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Guidance On Every Step of the Way

Kathleen offers a variety of psychic services to get her clients to see their own life’s potential. 

Birth chart Reading

Tarot Card Readings

 session  /   $90

These readings give visual images and symbols into the client's life. Giving deep insight and information into certain things that are unknown to the client's understanding. The Tarot Cards are read, examined, and explained through the way that they are picked out and placed down on a person's past, present, and future life.

This reading is helpful to be an overall look into a persons life.

yearly Transit Reading

Psychic Readings

Session /   $150

This is the best reading for both the client and Mrs. Leo to discern information through the use of her heightened abilities, sight, sound, touch, instinct, and third-eye vision.
This is also known as the best reading for Love & Relationships. 

Relationship Reading

Combination Readings

session /   $275

This is one of the strongest readings Kathleen Leo offers.
It is both a Psychic and Tarot Card Reading combined. A client must come ready for answers,
true guidance and blunt honesty when booking. 


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Closure & Clarity Few Steps Away 

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