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Namaste Psychic  

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Personalized Care and Guidance

As a professional Psychic Reader, Kathleen Leo is pleased to share her psychic gift with all her clients. Over 15 Years of experience, helping the people of Fairfield and Westchester County. She has Multiple Offices, Located In NYC,  Greenwich CT, With her central location on Miami Florida, 
Kathleen has helped  Impact other human beings to awaken their life goals and aspirations.
Mrs. Leo offers a variety of psychic services to get her clients to see their own life’s potential.

Card readings and Tarot Services

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot Cards and readings services. Golden Tarot Cards


Golden Tarot Cards with mystery pouch for references about Readings Psychic services


Katheleen Leo Psychic of Miami and Namaste Psychic Owner

A Unique Psychic

 Kathleen Leo

Mrs. Leo has Romani and American Indian family roots, that migrated from Romania and Russia. Kathleen’s Grandmother a Cherokee Psychic, took her apart from her family when she was around 7 years old, and raised her with teachings of ancient secrets and spiritual lessons about the spiritual world as a Psychic and long-term healer herself.

“I help all sorts of people through all sorts of situations – Love, divorce, addiction, past life regression, emotional bondage, and I allow myself to be a tool in their life. To guide them, to where they need to be, to find the answers, the closure, the clarity with love, compassion, honesty, and zero judgment. My famous saying to so many of the clients I have helped is this. Closure and Clarity are just a few steps away! It is true. Life is much more simple than you know. Allow me to help you see that.”

Since 2000, Ms. Leo has been harnessing divine energy for her clients, providing them with unparalleled psychic services. 

 "The energy work she does has been nothing like I have ever seen, felt, or believed in. She has brought me back to God, and I don't know where I would be without her. She truly is one of the angels."

Jessica Smith

Featured In The new york Times, Greenwich Time, Indulge magazine, NY FASHION WEEK.

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